All-Inclusive Living at Mom’s Garden: A Monthly Fee for All Aspects of Your Resident Membership

At Mom’s Garden, we understand that senior women must pay close attention to the proverbial bottom line. As a result, we have devised the most affordable way women in their Golden Years can thrive in a comfortable, safe, gracious residence at a reasonable cost. 

Mom’s Garden coliving uses an all-inclusive pricing structure for residents. The monthly fee for a Mom’s Garden coliving resident membership is $2,500 to $3,000, which covers all of the key elements of living in the home – your home. Your monthly resident membership payment includes:

  • Spacious furnished private room with adjoining bathroom
  • Full use of expansive, smartly furnished common areas
  • All utilities
  • WiFi
  • Essential household products and supplies
  • Daily housekeeping 
  • Safety and security, including exterior Ring cameras
  • Lawn and outdoor maintenance
  • Organized activities

Private Room

If you are like many senior women looking for an ideal place to call home, you want to balance the connection of community with the comfort of privacy. We strive to strike that balance perfectly at Mom’s Garden. Each of the six residents in our – your – coliving home has a fully furnished private room included in the overall membership cost of $2,500 a month. (The suite space is $2,750 a month.) Each room comes complete with attractive furnishings and other homey touches.  

Common Areas

The Chatsworth residence located at 10162 Farralone Avenue has undergone a substantial renovation. The goal is to create common areas that are stylish, comfortable, and perfectly suited to life in a coliving home. From the kitchen to the living room and every other common space in between, the residence is fashioned with independent senior women in mind, individuals who are looking for a place they will be most proud to call home.


As mentioned a moment ago, the monthly coliving membership fee is comprehensive. All basic utilities – electricity, gas, water, trash – are included in the monthly charge. It’s surprising how many people are enviable to the all-inclusive nature of coliving at the Chatsworth residence when advised of the fact that residents don’t have to fiddle with multiple utility bills each month. In addition, when the Mom’s Garden coliving membership fee is contrasted with the costs of many other retirement residence options (which do not include utilities in their base fees), living the coliving life proves to be not only a reasonably priced alternative but an economic choice.

Cable and WiFi

Common areas at the Chatsworth residence include a large-sized smart television which is outfitted with cable at no cost to residents. In addition, cable service can be accessed in each resident’s room. Residents also have access to WiFi at no additional cost as well. Because we offer all residents free WiFi, they are able to select from any streaming services that might be desired beyond viewing opportunities provided by cable service. 

Essential Household Products

The residence is kept stocked with essential household products at no added cost to residents. These include such items as paper towels, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, and bath towels. 


A senior woman capable of living independently doesn’t mean that she is a person who wants to spend her time cleaning and tending to housekeeping. At the Chatsworth coliving residence, daily housekeeping of common areas as well as private rooms is provided. Keep in mind that housekeeping in a private room is only provided when a resident is at home and wants the service at that time. Resident privacy is of utmost importance at all times.

Safety and Security

A key reason why a growing number of senior women consider living options that connect them more closely with other people is a desire for enhanced safety and security. Yet another of the key components of the all-inclusive monthly resident fee is comprehensive safety and security. This includes Ring security cameras on the exterior of the residence. 

Lawn and Garden

Some people enjoy working on the lawn and in the garden, and some definitely do not. All lawn, garden, and grounds maintenance are provided at no additional costs to residents. With that said, if a resident is interested in gardening, a special garden plot can be set aside for that resident to create, craft, and grow. We also have some chickens on the grounds that give us fresh eggs. 


The reality is that as a coliving community becomes close with one another, they naturally engage in different types of activities together – from dining to movies to shopping to many other options. In addition, with regularity, community activities are also arranged as part of the monthly resident fee. These are scheduled with input from residents as to what is of greatest interest to them. An example of such activities includes art classes and candle making. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Coliving for Senior Women

For more information about the cost of living at Mom’s Garden and to obtain answers to any other questions you might have, call us at (818) 351-9385. You can also reach us by emailing us at We look forward to sharing life at Mom’s Garden with you.