Pros and Cons of an Assisted Living Residence for Your Mother

If you a woman in her senior years or the adult child of such a person, you may be at a juncture at which you are contemplating the possibility of an assisted living facility for that individual in her Golden Years. If that is the case, you may be wondering what some of the most basic pros and cons are with an assisted living facility.

We focus on some of the most significant positive and purported negative elements associated with living in an assisted living facility. While there certainly are only pros and cons, the ones we discuss here are the key considerations to bear in mind if you are considering the possibility of moving into an assisted living residence in the not too distant future.

Enhanced Security and Safety

One of the most significant pros of living in an assisted living facility is found in the realm of enhanced security and safety. Seniors are targeted for thefts and break-ins. They are targeted for these and similar types of crime than is the public more generally. Residing in an assisted living facility lowers the risk when it comes to the criminal victimization of a senior woman – including in her own home. 

An assisted living facility also provides a senior woman with an added layer of safety protections. For example, the most commonplace type of accident suffered by older women is a slip and fall. Assisted living facilities are designed in such a manner to reduce the risk accidents of different types.

Enhanced Socialization

A common complaint or concern among older women in the United States is a feeling of loneliness. Even older women who have children and other family members in their area still experience loneliness at a rate that is higher than what occurs among people of a younger age. 

Life in an assisted living facility typically provides an older woman with more opportunities to socialize with people with common interests. An assisted living setting oftentimes eliminates a feeling of loneliness that sometimes impacts the lives of women in their Golden Years.

Enhanced Morale

On a related note, another positive element of residing in an assisted living facility is found in the enhancement of an older woman’s morale. Avoiding bouts of loneliness is one example of morale boosting in an assisted living facility. 

Morale is also boosted through such things as a wide range of different types of activities, a pleasant setting, good food, and so forth. In addition, women who live in assisted living facilities also make mention that they find their morale boosted by the staff and others who provide services and support at such a residential center.

Prevents or Slows Intellectual Decline

Research into assisted living facilities in the United States demonstrates that these residential centers appear to slow or even prevent the intellectual decline of residents. A common concern of older people, women and men alike, is striving to keep intellectually sharp as they age. The environment and activities at many assisted living facilities have a benefit of addressing issues associated with maintaining the intellectual status of residents. 

Costs and Expenses

Many women don’t consider moving to an assisted living residence because they feel the associated costs and expenses will be outside of their budgets. Costs and expenses do end up on the con side of the equation when a woman considers the prospect of moving to an assisted living center with some regularity. 

The reality is that there are affordable options when it comes to assisted living facilities for women. Indeed, women interested in this type of living arrangement nearly always find an option that fits within their budgets.

Privacy Concerns

Also on the con side of the list for some women and adult children (interested in assisted living for a parent) is a concern about privacy. Perhaps many of these individuals have nursing home settings in mind, particularly nursing homes in operation 20 or 30 years ago.

The fact is that assisted living facilities pay close attention to ensuring that residents have appropriate levels of privacy. These facilities understand that part of an enjoyable life in an assisted living center is maintaining an appropriate level of privacy. 

Looking for an Assisted Living Facility to Call Home

A woman interested in moving to an assisted living facility is wise to undertake a comprehensive, thorough course of due diligence. This process should include visiting different assisted living facilities to compare one with another. 

In addition, a wise course is to visit with other women who are residing in assisted living facilities at this time. They can tell a person what their centers are like. In addition, they can be very helpful in sharing what a woman should look for when considering possibly living in an assisted living facility.