How Do I Make My Elderly Mother Happy?

If you are the adult child of an elderly mother, you certainly want her to be as happy as possible. There may be times at which your mother is not happy for one reason or another. You may wonder what you can do to make your elderly mother happy. 

In this article, we present some tips about how you can make your mother happy. The fact is that many of the things you can do to make your mother happy are simple and can be rather easily done. Some of these simple things that you can do to make and keep your mother happy include:

  • Take your mother to visit family
  • Take your mother to visit friends
  • Avoid arguing with your mother
  • Let your mother live amidst her memories
  • Let your mother talk
  • Let your mother know you need her
  • Let you mother do as much as she can for herself
  • Play games with your mother
  • Listen to music from their era
  • Allow your mother to be mad
  • Motivate your mother to take care of their personal hygiene
  • Talk to your mother in a kind, serene voice
  • Get into her world
  • Look at her photos
  • Hug your mother
  • Ask what you can do for your mother today

Take Your Mother to Visit Family

An important regular practice you can follow to keep your mother happy is take her to visit family members. You should also bring family members to visit her or encourage them to do so. 

Take Your Mother to Visit Friends

On a related note, you should take your mother to visit her friends. Even as people age they still need to be connected with friends. 

Avoid Arguing With Your Mother

This might not be possible all of the time, but you really do need to strive to avoid arguing with your mother. In reality, there really isn’t a good reason that communicating with your mother should devolve to the point of an argument.

Let Your Mother Live Amidst Her Memories

Like many older women and men, your mother may seem to live among her memories. She may seem overly interested in them. In reality, there is nothing wrong with letter your mother enjoy her memories. 

Let Your Mother Talk

Permit your mother to talk. Let her tell her stories. If she repeats them, let her do that without criticism or interruption.

Let Your Mother Know You Need Her

You certainly need to let your mom know you are there for her. But you also should let your mother know that you need her as well.

Let Your Mother Do as Much as She Can for Herself

People like to maintain their independence. Therefore, you should let your mother do as much as she can herself. Help her with those things that she really cannot do on her own any longer. 

Play Games With Your Mother

There may have been games your mother enjoyed playing throughout her life. These may be card games or board games. Another way in which you can keep your elderly mother happy is to play these games with her.

Listen to Music From Their Era

Yet another activity you can do with your mother to make her happy is to listen to music from her era. She is very likely to enjoy this a great deal. You might as well. 

Allow Your Mother to Be Mad

People naturally get mad – and that includes mothers as they age. You need to allow your mother the space to be angry or mad from time to time.

Motivate Your Mother to Take Care of Their Personal Hygiene

Your mother likely feels better about herself and is happier when she is her personal hygiene is up to par. She likely feels better about herself and is happier when she dresses up from time to time as well. 

Talk to Your Mother in a Kind, Serene Voice

When speaking with your mother, talk to her in a calm, kind, and serene voice. People respond better when spoken to in this manner. 

Get Into Your Mother’s World

Get into your mother’s world as much as possible. Find out what she really enjoys to do. Find out what she wants to avoid as well.

Look at Your Mother’s Photos

In the same way in which you should listen to your mother’s stories, take the time to look at her photos. Listen to the stories that she has to tell behind the stories.

Hug Your Mother

Hug your mother when you see her. We all benefit from friendly, loving personal contact like a hug.

Ask What You Can Do for Your Mother Today

Finally, ask your mother the simple question of what you can do for your mother today. You are likely to find her requests won’t be complicated. They may be as simple as having a conversation.