10 Great Tech Gadgets for Seniors

An ever-growing number of people over the age of 65 are using tech gadgets with increasing regularity and success. Part of the reason why this is the case is that women and men introduced to higher technologies in the 1980s are heading into their Golden Years at this time. Another aspect of the increase is that more seniors are willing to consider looking at tech gadgets today than even a few years ago. (Grandchildren are proving great motivators in this regard.)

If you are the adult child of a parent in his or her Golden Years, you may be interested in enhancing the lives of your mother or father by getting them some type of tech gadget. There are ten solid choices when it comes to tech gadgets for seniors:

  • Tablets
  • Brain fitness apps
  • TV earbuds
  • Pill reminder
  • Garden rocker
  • Jar opener
  • Simple music player
  • Fitness tracker
  • Record player
  • Touch screen monitor


One stereotype that persists about older women and men is that they have trouble getting the hang of new technology. That can be the case regarding some gadgets for some people. However, many seniors already enjoy using tablets. In addition, many other older Americans are interested in tablets or could benefit from a tablet if introduced to them. In other words, tablets continue to be on the list of great gadgets for older people. Indeed, tablets can make it easier for them to read news, browse the Internet, and connect on social media.

Brain Fitness Apps

Research continues to demonstrate that a senior who keeps mentally active can enjoy various health benefits. These include staving off memory loss and ever preventing dementia altogether. We broadly consider the definition of “gadget” a bid and include apps. When it comes to the best tech offerings for seniors, brain fitness apps are on the top 10 list. These apps can be downloaded to a senior’s tablet or phone. Examples of quality brain fitness apps include Lumosity and Mindmate.

TV Earbuds

Stories abound about seniors and the high-volume settings on their televisions. Many seniors who do not require hearing aids can benefit from a bit of a volume boost when watching television. There are TV earbuds that prove particularly useful to seniors who need at least volume assistance when viewing television.

Pill Reminder

It’s important for older people to stay on top of their medication needs. A tech pill reminder not only includes an alarm to announce the time to take a medication or medications, but it also has other important features. Pill reminders also have built-in technology that aids in preventing medication errors and mishaps. The device dispenses only the medication needed at any particular point in time during any given day.

Garden Rocker

Many, many older people enjoy working in the garden. The problem is that getting up and down from the ground can be a challenge. Another tech gadget to consider for a senior loved one like your aging parent is a garden rocker. The garden rocker makes it far easier for a person with limited mobility to get down to garden level and back up to a standing position when gardening time ends. (As an aside, the garden rocker is an affordable option for a person who has a long gift list at holiday time.)

Jar Opener

The reality is that nearly all of us would benefit from a jar opener. These are also reasonably priced gadgets. And simple to use. All your senior loved one needs to do is place the device on top of the jar that needs an opening – and the device does the rest. Once you see an automatic jar opener in operation, you will be hard-pressed to imagine any top that could foil the device.

Simple Music Player

Music enhances the day. Moreover, research has not shown that music can be helpful when it comes to memory recall, even for a person who may be experiencing some memory loss issues. Many seniors shy away from personal music players, fearing they will be too complicated to operate. The reality is that there are many simple music player options on the market today.

Fitness Tracker

Whether a simple step tracker or a high-tech Fitbit, this health-conscious wristband can motivate and inspire your active senior. While simpler models only track steps, more expensive bands can monitor a person’s heart rate, sleeping patterns, and even more. There are waterproof derivations that can be used in the pool.

Record Player

Record players are making a comeback and have been doing so throughout the past few years. Another device you might want to consider for your senior family member is a record player. There are many instances in which an older person has stored vinyl records as years go by. These wonderful devices can enhance an older individual’s fond sense of nostalgia. Plus, it provides easy access to play music from days gone by.

Touch Screen Monitor

Many older men and women indicate that they genuinely like touchscreen monitors. Time and again, older Americans indicate that they find it easier and more productive to use a computer with a touch screen monitor. These need not be complicated selections. In addition, there are many affordable options when it comes to touch screen monitors suited to use by an older individual. In the final analysis, there is a wide range of different gadget options that can prove suitable for your elder parent or other older individual in your life. These devices truly can prove useful in enhancing people’s lives in their Golden Years. Moreover, as noted here and there in this article, when it comes to the devices discussed in this article, there are options that are ideally suited to a person shopping for a gift on a budget.