9 Downsizing Tips for a Woman Moving to Assisted Living

One of the reasons why older woman are reluctant to move into an assisted living residence is because they dread the prospect of having to downsize. In their minds, downsizing can mean having to part with items that they have values through the years. In fact, that is a fair assessment of at least some of what is involved in downsizing as a means of preparing for a move to an assisted living facility.

There are nine key downsizing tips that are particularly helpful to women preparing to move to an assisted living facility. These nine key downsizing tips to prepare to move to assisted living are:

  • Develop a strategic downsizing plan
  • Don’t rush the downsizing process
  • Consider giving certain items to family members
  • Consider donating certain items to a favored charity
  • Consider hiring a professional to assist with downsizing
  • Avoid becoming overly sentimental
  • Emphasize positive aspects of downsizing
  • Visit with other people who’ve moved to assisted living
  • Seek advice, but the final decision is your own

Strategic Downsizing

When it comes to downsizing tips for a woman moving to an assisted living community, a key tip is to be strategic about the effort. For example, come up with a written action plan that details the different objectives associated with downsizing in anticipation of a move. By having a plan, the process begins from a starting point of better organization as opposed to a considerable amount of chaos.

Don’t Rush the Process

When it comes to downsizing in anticipation of a moved to an assisted living center, an important tip to bear in mind is that you must avoid rushing the process. If you rush the downsizing process, there is a very simple result:

You end up keeping things you do not want and you give away items you truly do need or desire.

Give Items to Family

Involve your family members in the downsizing process. The fact is that there very likely will be items that you intend on parting with that your children or other members of your family may very much want to keep for their own. In the grand scheme of things, you likely have items than have no real sentimental value to you that mean a great deal to one or another of the members of your family, for reasons that you simply may not be able to fully understand.

Donate Items to Charity

On a somewhat related note, part of an effective downsizing process in anticipation of a move to an assisted living residence is deciding what items should be donated to charity. When it comes to preparing for any kind of move, including one to an assisted living center, there will be objects you want to get rid of that your family and friends do not necessarily want. Merely because these objects do not have an immediate place to land doesn’t mean that they may not prove valuable to a person or family that might benefit from your generous donation. 

Hire a Professional

When it comes to dealing with downsizing in advance of moving to an assisted living facility, a woman may have a very real interest in hiring a professional to assist in the preparation and moving process. The reality is that a woman planning a move to an assisted living residence should consider engaging the services of a number of professionals that include:

  • Real estate broker – If you are like many older women who’ve made the decision to more to an assisted living community. One of the challenges associated with this type of move is selling an existing residence and working to ensure that a fair price is obtained. As part of that process likely is to put your current residence on the market. You can best achieve the important objective of selling your existing home for an appropriate price when you retain the services of a suitable real estate broker. 
  • Residential Cleaning Services Company – A professional cleaning company can ensure that your current residence is in prime condition before it is placed on the market for sale. Such a professional typically is capable of providing comprehensive cleaning services for you.
  • Moving Company – When it comes to moving from your current residence to an assisted living community, you will have enough on your mind and to-do list. Therefore, you should engage the services of a professional moving company. You don’t need to try and round up friends and family to undertake move for you. Your time and those of people close to you is better spent. 

Avoid Becoming Overly Sentimental 

This can be tough, but you need to do your best to try and avoid becoming overly sentimental about your past and the residence you are leaving. Over-sentimentality can make moving to an assisted living community a very challenging experience. You will end up holding on to far more items that you need or should continue to keep in your possession.

Focus on the Positive

When working at downsizing to prepare for your move to an assisted living community, focus on the positive aspects of that change. By focusing on the positive, you will be in a better frame of mind when it comes to downsizing. You will be able to take on the downsizing task with more effectiveness and efficiency.

Visit With Others Who Moved to Assisted Living

When contemplating or working on downsizing, take some time to visit with other people who have moved into an assisted living community. These people can share their firsthand knowledge with you about how they went about downsizing in anticipation of a move to an assisted living center.

You Have the Final Decision

When it comes to deciding how downsizing will occur and what items will be eliminated in the process, you (as the woman moving into an assisted living residences) have the final say on how the process will go. Certainly, do take advice from other people. But, other people do not have the right to make decisions for you unless you have asked them to assist in this manner.

By applying these downsizing tips, you will make the overall process of moving to an assisted living residence all the easier. You may even find yourself enjoying the idea of moving to your new home and starting a new stage of your life’s journey.