What Are Standard Activities, Programs, and Events for Residents of Assisted Living?

One of the meaningful benefits of residing in an assisted living community is the ability to participate in various activities, programs, and events. If you are considering moving to some community for seniors, including assisted living, you may wonder what is offered in the way of activities. The same very likely holds true if you are the adult child (or some other younger relative) of a senior thinking about assisted living.

In this article, we provide an overview of some of the activities, programs, and events offered in a typical assisted living community in California and across the United States. Remember that each assisted living will have its own take on activities, programs, and events. In other words, every individual in an assisted living community will present and provide a unique set of options to its residents.

In considering standard activities, programs, and events at assisted living communities, we focus on several areas:

  • Mindful and educational programming to learn and grow
  • Spiritual programming, including religious activities
  • Recreational and fitness activities to enhance health and wellness
  • Entertainment events
  • Social functions
  • Family events
  • Activities, Programs, and Events Away from Facility
  • Feedback and input from assisted living residents

Mindful and Educational Programming to Learn and Grow

One type of programming offered at a typical assisted living community is enrichment and education. For example, an assisted living community might offer a variety of classes in such areas as learning a new language, art, music, history, photography, and so forth.

Some communities offer specialized enrichment opportunities. For example, a California assisted living community offers gardening opportunities for its residents. This includes dedicated garden beds that each resident can cultivate.

Spiritual Programming, Including Religious Activities

Many women and men come to assisted living communities practicing a religion. Of course, some do not. In recognition of this reality, an assisted living community might offer different types of religious or spiritual activities for those residents who care to participate. In addition, an assisted living community provides transportation assistance to residents needing that type of help. This can include transport to and from religious services as desired by a particular resident.

Recreational and Fitness Activities to Enhance Health and Wellness

Time and again, research studies affirm that seniors benefit greatly when they participate in regular fitness activities and exercise programs. Another area in which assisted living communities offer activities and programming is recreation and fitness.

Assisted living communities do offer quite an array of different types of recreational activities and fitness programs. These even include workout classes like SilverSneakers.

Entertainment Events

Entertainment events tend to be a significant part of life in assisted living. These include entertainment programs brought into assisted living communities as well as programs presented by staff and residents.

Social Functions

Social functions abound in a typical assisted living community. These include all types of holiday celebrations, to parties commemorating a resident’s birthday. Social functions can even be informal, regular gatherings of residents. For example, a Friday night cocktail hour is one such type of often more informal gathering.

Family Events

Residents are strongly encouraged to maintain regular connections with family members when living in assisted living. As part of the objective of keeping residents and families close, assisted living communities routinely offer activities, programs, and events that are specifically tailored to and intended for not only residents but their families as well.

Activities, Programs, and Events Away From Facility

In addition to an array of activities, programs, and events conducted at an assisted living community, residents are also taken to these types of experiences outside of a facility. This also runs the whole gambit of activities, programs, and events, from religious services to sports events to museums and movies. Transportation is provided to these outings by assisted living communities.

Feedback and Input From Assisted Living Residents

Finally, assisted living communities do not undertake planning for activities, programs, and events. Typically, assisted living communities seek out and accept suggestions from their residents and their family members regarding what types of activities, programs, and events should occur in a particular community.

When considering a particular assisted living community, you should be able to obtain a comprehensive list of activities, programs, and events offered by a specific facility. You should also be able to access a schedule of both upcoming recurring activities and programming for upcoming special events that are slated to occur at an assisted living community. Finding out about these offerings is part of the overall due diligence process undertaken before deciding on selecting an assisted living community.