Joining Our Coliving Community

If, after visiting our website, you likely want additional information about how you and others become members of our coliving community … the residence that might become your own coliving home. The process begins when a prospective member, a senior woman, completes an application for membership. The application is not all that different from what an individual completes when considering entering into a lease at an apartment community. 

All Mom’s Garden Coliving Community Members Are Vetted Before Residency

With your approval, we will undertake a background check (also like that conducted in advance of moving into an apartment community). This is the same pre-membership vetting process that all community residents complete in advance of approval and moving into the community.

Pre-Approval Community Visit

By the time you complete an application for membership into our coliving community, you likely already have visited the property. You very well may have had the opportunity to meet one or more of our residents. 

At Mom’s Garden, we understand that you want to make certain that our community really is a good fit for you. Therefore, as part of the application process, we invite you to our community home to spend a bit more time with current residents and to become more familiar with the residence. Please don’t equate this as being some sort of later-in-life sorority rush. Rather, we know that your decision to join our coliving community is major. The reality is that our home may become your home and a place where you may end up living for an extended period of time.

Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions

Upon approval of your application, you will be provided a membership agreement.

Keep in mind that the agreement between Mom’s Garden and the member resident does not form a contract pursuant to the terms of the California Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. Mom’s Garden is a membership coliving arrangement. The grounds for removal from the community are outlined in the agreement itself and not dictated by the California Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. 

Security Deposit

A deposit is required at the time of the signing and submission of the membership agreement. The amount of the security deposit is set forth in the membership agreement. With that noted, a member’s security deposit typically is the amount of one and one-half times that member’s monthly coliving fee. 

Assuming that there is no damage to the private quarters, or damage elsewhere in the residence actually caused by a particular member, the security deposit is returned to a member within 30 days of leaving the coliving community. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Coliving Community for Women in Their Golden Years

For more information about living at Mom’s Garden coliving and to obtain answers to any other questions you might have, call us at (818) 351-9385. You can also reach us by emailing us at We look forward to sharing life at Mom’s Garden with you.