What’s Life Like at Mom’s Garden Coliving

A large percentage of women are reaching their Golden Years in better health than at any other time in history. These women desire to live robust lives and take full advantage of all the world around them has to offer. 

A good many women enjoying the golden chapters of their lives are also single. About 40 percent of women in California and across the United States who are over the age of 60 live alone. They are women who have lost a spouse or significant other, have divorced, or have never married. 

These vibrant women have no qualms about “being single.” Nonetheless, many senior women give thought to the idea of not living alone in their homes. They would like a residential situation in which they are able to fully maintain their independence while enjoying a greater sense of community as well as enhanced safety and security.   

The thing is that many of the more traditional senior living options simply are not good fits for those who may be older but who have the energy and vitality of people who are much younger. The desire for camaraderie and security should not be found at the expense of independence. 

If this sounds like you … the Mom’s Garden coliving community in Chatsworth may be the perfect place for you to call home.

A Coliving Community for You 

On our home page, we provided you with a direct definition of coliving. Coliving is a lifestyle concept that focuses on creating community-oriented residential spaces. In coliving homes, residents share common areas such as kitchens, living rooms and outdoor spaces, fostering an environment of connectedness and collaboration.

Mom’s Garden coliving allows senior women the ability to ensure the satisfaction of the trio of important objectives discussed a moment ago:

  • Independence
  • Community
  • Safety and security

Maintaining Your Independence at Mom’s Garden Coliving

A historic conflict for single women in their Golden Years has been between wanting to live in a community with others while maintaining independence. The reality is that many other types of senior living options do result in women giving up some level of independence at a point in time when doing so simply is not appropriate, let alone necessary.

At Mom’s Garden, residents give up nothing in the way of their individual independence that previously existed. Indeed, the cohesive community and essential amenities available at this coliving residence actually work to enhance the overall independence of women in their Golden Years.

Creating a Real Community at Mom’s Garden Coliving

Senior women who live on their own oftentimes identify a desire to establish closer connections with people. The stark reality is that living alone oftentimes puts senior women and men on a course toward ever-decreasing contact with others.

Life at Mom’s Garden coliving permits senior women a golden opportunity to develop meaningful connections with other like-minded people. Not only do residents have the benefit of residing in a warm home environment, but they have a ready group of friends with whom they can engage in an array of activities with regularity. 

Enhancing Your Safety and Security at Mom’s Garden Coliving

Seniors are particularly vulnerable when it comes to becoming victims of crime. Indeed, senior women particularly are at risk of being victimized by a miscreant, including being targeted for violent crimes. When it comes to safety and security, living alone is not considered the safest situation for senior women. 

In addition to sharing a residence with others, residents of Mom’s Garden coliving are protected by high-quality safety and security systems. These include security cameras and comprehensive alarming.

Mom’s Garden Coliving Amenities – Giving You a Leisurely Lifestyle … With Friends

Mom’s Garden coliving offers a palate of amenities that meet the definition of “easy living.” (You can find out more about the amenities at Mom’s Garden in greater detail on the rates section of our website.)

Amenities offered to residents include:

  • All utilities
  • WiFi
  • Essential household products and supplies
  • Daily housekeeping 
  • Safety and security, including exterior Ring cameras
  • Lawn and outdoor maintenance
  • Organized activities

A Home Nestled in an Idyllic Neighborhood

Low crime and an abundance of activities and events describe the neighborhood where your future coliving home is nestled. There are a good many nearby locations that have activities and programming well-suited to women in their Golden Years. 

The Chatsworth South Recreation Center is one such location. The Center offers a broad spectrum of different programs, activities, and events throughout the course of the year, including many offerings targeted toward retired people.  

Also close to the residence is the magnificent Chatsworth Nature Preserve. The motto of the Preserve is “a meadowlark needs a meadow to sing.” We’d also add that the Preserve needs neighbors who come to walk and explore – which residents of Mom’s Garden can do on a regular basis.

The home is also located near restaurants and stores of different types, churches and other religious gathering spaces, and other popular destinations. 

Get to Know Emily Kil – Creator of Mom’s Garden Coliving

Emily Kil is the creator and founder of Mom’s Garden coliving. Having extensively explored the residential resources traditionally available to people in their Golden Years, Emily came to realize senior women need more. Inspired to develop the most ideal residential setting for active senior women, Emily created and designed Mom’s Garden.  

Prior to founding Mom’s Garden, Emily established and ran a successful biohazard remediation company. Her work involved assisting people in restoring their homes after catastrophes like fire, floods, biohazard contamination, health issues, and other significant issues that can upend a residence. Her commitment to working with people was forged by helping them in the most difficult of times. 

Emily is always available to residents of Mom’s Garden to hear about suggestions for enhancing life in the home. She is dedicated to ensuring a residential environment that enhances the lives of women in their Golden Years on a consistent basis.