It’s Your Time to be … Golden

California Coliving for Senior Women

What is Coliving for Senior Women?

Mom’s Garden Coliving is a lifestyle concept that focuses on creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable community-oriented residential space for women in their Golden Years. Mom’s Garden residents share common areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor spaces, fostering an environment of connectedness, collaboration, and community. Details about Mom’s Garden Coliving can be found throughout our website.

How to Become a Resident at Mom’s Garden Coliving


The process of becoming a resident at Mom’s Garden Coliving begins by completing a straight forward application, one that is similar to what is used when a person is interested in renting an apartment.

Get approved

When you submit your application to become a resident of the Mom’s Garden Coliving community, you agree to permit a standard background check. As is the case with the application itself, this is similar to what California landlords undertake. In the grand scheme of things, we make sure all of our residents are fully vetted – which is something you will appreciate should you join us in our coliving community. Once approved, you pay your first month’s membership fee and a security deposit.

Move in

And that’s the process. Once your application has been approved, you can move into Mom’s Garden Colving at your leisure. As you’ll see in a moment, your new home is move-in ready, including your private living quarters.

A Fully Appointed Home for You

One of the most highly regarded aspects of Mom’s Garden Coliving is that the residence is fully furnished and appointed for our residents. This includes not only all of the Mom’s Garden common spaces, but each private room as well.

Your Private Space

Each private room has been meticulously designed with fashionable and comfortable furnishings. We have four private rooms situated in pairs, with each pair of rooms sharing a bathroom. We also have a single room with an en suite bathroom. Finally, Mom’s Garden has an accessory dwelling unit or ADU that is akin to a suite, complete with a bathroom and a stackable washer and dryer.

Leisurely Living in a Vibrant Neighborhood

Located in Chatsworth at 10162 Farralone Avenue, Mom’s Garden Coliving is part of a vibrant neighborhood that permits you access to the very best in shopping, dining, entertainment, recreation, and other attractive locations. Indeed, you can access a wealth of community availabilities by taking a short walk, if you so desire.

Benefits of Living at Mom’s Garden Coliving


Unlike many other residential options available to women in their Golden Years, Mom’s Garden strives to be affordable on all fronts. Mom’s Garden offers leisurely, independent living for senior women at $2,500 a month. We offer all-inclusive pricing that covers an array of expenses and features a spectrum of amenities.

Move-In Ready

When your ready to move to Mom’s Garden Coliving, we are ready for you. As mentioned, once your application is approved and your first monthly fee and deposit is paid, you can move in any time. The residence is fully furnished and ready for you from not only day one, but hour one.

All-Inclusive Pricing

At Mom’s Garden Coliving, we offer all-inclusive pricing. Features and amenities included in our monthly fee include:

  • Spacious furnished private room with adjoining bathroom
  • Full use of expansive, smartly furnished common areas
  • All utilities
  • WiFi
  • Essential household products and supplies
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Safety and security, including exterior Ring cameras
  • Lawn and outdoor maintenance
  • Organized activities

Unlike many coliving communities in California and elsewhere, we have someone on site 40 hours each week to tend to essential housekeeping and other daily matters.

Ready-Made Community

One of the reasons single senior women might be on the look for a different living environment is to develop social connections. Mom’s Garden Coliving comes complete with an appropriately vetted ready-made community of women with similar interests.

Safe and Secure

Safety and security are major considerations at Mom’s Garden. This includes Ring cameras located on the exterior of the residence. There is also heightened safety and security when people life in a well-vetted community.

Independent Living

Independent living is a key component of life at Mom’s Garden. Mom’s Garden was created with the independent senior woman in mind. Unlike many other senior living options in California (and elsewhere), Mom’s Garden is designed for independent women who desire a leisurely lifestyle in an attractive, comfortable home, together with like-minded people.